Today marked the last day of 2014.

Tomorrow shall be the new 365 pages of your life, including mine.

Tiba-tiba hari ni tergerak hati untuk aku membuka balik blog aku yang lama dah bersarang. Last post was on 2011, means 3 years back. Within that 3 years, lots of thing changed. I grew up, turn into a totally different person with a totally different attitude and philosophical view. Denied not, i become more and more mature and possessing higher IQ and EQ than before. Alhamdulillah.

Turning into 27 years old and still single thou. LOL.

I’ve decided that 2015 will be my ‘single year’ so that I could really appreciate the meaning of ‘love’ and I want to feel the ‘love’ itself as I felt before. To be truth, I never really remember how is the feeling of having ‘crush’ and ‘falling in love’ as I keep on changing partner/s since 2010 and never really being single ever since.  The worst part is, I’m having such a cold heart and never cry for a guy. Trust me, never. And on the other hand, I noticed that I’ve changed from the most lovable and soft hearted girl to the most promiscuous girl that i never wanted to be before. I’m not proud of it, that’s why I’ve decided to change so I can truly love my future husband and dedicate my life to him, only him.

I am an Advocates & Solicitors of High Court of Malaya now since August,2013. Guess what, I’m handling criminal cases now. I’m the defence counsel. But probably, after finishing this Master, I’m thinking for applying the position of Deputy Public Prosecutor (my dreamed job ever since!).

I shall be graduating with Master of Law few months from now. Hell yeah, who thought that i will continue my studies again? I never thought of that too. Guess what, my new aim is to pursuing my PhD overseas. May Allah ease my burden and lead me to the correct path. No matter what, I will do this!

My family never been more happier than before. Alhamdulillah, each and every single day I never fail to adore both my parents on how they have raised us four. Our bond are getting stronger each year.

I thank Allah for all the blessing He gave me. Throughout the years. He has been there, through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow!

Thank you Allah, Thank you Allah, Thank you Allah!


~ by yakeshi on December 31, 2014.

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