Short post bout how i feel tonyte! :)

Now I realize, there’s sumting that we should kept for ourselve rather than telling to others eventhough he/she is the person that we love most.Anyway, I’m having so much fun tonight with my ex-schoolmate. It’s been nearly 5 years we haven’t seen each other. Alhamdulillah. Thanx to JLC for giving me the spirit. From his smile! Can’t wait to upload all the pictures! (^_^). Nyte guys, wasalam.

p/s: later i’ll update more k.hehehe

p/s/s: Mr Firdaus  gave me a pinky winky calculator last nyte! Hahahaha~ I adore him! He gave me the spirit to do sales as much as I can! hahahaha~ Thanx kamu! 🙂


~ by yakeshi on October 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Short post bout how i feel tonyte! :)”

  1. wah, good luck kamu =)

  2. haha.finally i found ur blog..weh,thnx tw dpt uma ak smalm..
    last nyte b4 ak tdo kan,ak recal blk yg b’laku ari nh.,.cam x caye sey dpt jumpe ko jejak kasih lak..bdw epy jumpe ko..nex tyme if ad rezki kte jumpe lg k..

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