A moment to KL

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Last Thursday I went to KL with my Jaja…basically the main objective is to go to the PTPTN to collect my aggreement ASAP. “Sambil Menyelam Minum Air” idioms yg ‘malay’ slalu gune…huhu Stop kat Pustaka Mukmin at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and bought some Acts & references books for myself and Jaja bought for her too. Then punya lah happy nak mampos (huhu~) step into SOGO.. wow~ Branded goods only…tak mampu lah weih.. Menangis lah tengok barang-barang yg teringin nak beli tapi tak kesampaian… Before going back to Melaka kami pun ‘merry go-round’ dekat Jalan Masjid India. I bought a henna for myself (luckily Zarina willing to draw it for me 😛 ) Looked at the Sarrees there..i was so amazed. Lawa giler!!!! Teringin nak buat baju kurung sehelai..huhu [p/s: mau kena ‘maki’ ngan mama]

” Actually this is where Jalan Masjid India is.. drinking some coconut drink & eating keropok lekor!”

” I dunno what happen to Jaja..but she seems so happy when we went there.. ” 😛

On the way back to Melacca ‘sesat’.. On the way to go to Jalan TAR also ‘sesat’… 😦 huhuhu~ What is happening to us dunno lah.. Actually quit few times i went to Jalan TAR with mama & baba.. but still I cant remember all the roads that I have to take to go there. And some more the conditions of KL makes me ‘sick’ and ‘dizzy’ too much traffic jammed. No wonder walking around with your own footsteps or by taking LRT is much easier. I swear I won’t work in KL!

After few hours arrived in Melacca, then later i realized that my things a\were left there! OMG! Where did I left all the things?! Call lah Pustaka Mukmin.. Alhamdulillah ada pun!

So now I’m thinking of :

” When should I go there again to take the diary & aggreement? Oh god..why me..huhu”

” This is the henna that zarina draw it for me..nice ayte?” 🙂

“The books that cost me RM 200.00”

Hopefully after this I would be able to study more efficient and remember the purpose of becoming a student. Till then.. Wasalam

[yakeshi][happy mood]


~ by yakeshi on December 2, 2008.

One Response to “A moment to KL”

  1. tu lah kau tak call aku ajak aku join jalan2.

    kalau tak boleh sesat beramai2. hahah.

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